Metal Legions Magazine
Issue 1 should be out in early December
It’ll be 40 pages in A5 Format with a free cd

Bands set to be included are:
The Meads Of Asphodel
Old Corpse Road

And there will be a feature on a year in Metal. This time it’s 1995

New DIY Releases
These are housed in half sized dvd cases and everything is made in house
Personally, I think they look smarter than standard cds

So far I’ve made a release for the following, in this format:
Astrum Malum - Nether Knot
HaatE / Chiral - Where Mountains Pierce The Nightsky
Born Undead - Violator Of Humanity

Label Overview
I’ve just added a label overview to my blog and there are details of a special offer

How to Buy
Physical releases are available via my Big Cartel Store:

Bandcamp for some Digital releases

Others are available via iTunes, Amazon etc…
Including The Meads of Asphodel, The Wolves of Avalon and the Chiral/ HaatE split


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